Lastman 2016

Paxtown, a corrupt capital, torn by crime and preyed by the mafia. In this rotten megalopolis, Richard Aldana, street smart, without ties or ambitions, is a boxer in his off time. But this was all before everything got flipped on its head. Overnight, Aldana finds himself with Siri, a girl targeted by "The Order of the Lion," a religious group that thinks the girl is the key to "the other world". Enjoy famous Myflixer Free Movies.

Genre: Animation / action & adventure / sci-Fi&fantasy

Director: Jérémie Périn

Actors: Bruno Méyère, Frédéric Souterelle, Coco Noël, Pierre Le Minoux, Vincent Le Minoux, Martial Le Minoux, Barbara Beretta, Maëlys Ricordeau, Antoine Tomé, William Coryn, Claire Baradat, Monsieur Poulpe, Emmanuel Karsen, Michel Elias, Damien Ferrette, Thierry Jahn, Fabrice Lelyon, Céline Melloul, Karim Tougui, Stéphane Ronchewski, Benjamin Bollen, Emmanuel Bonami, Marie Chevalot, Jérémy Prevost, Vincent Ropion, Patrick Béthune, Gilduin Tissier

Country: France

Duration: 11 min

Quality: HD


TMDB: 7.9